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Every choir needs tea...

By megan, Oct 24 2017 09:17PM

Continuing our mini-series of meeting the Honour choir committe - today: the teamaker in chief!

Megan Tripp

Day Job: Audience Development Manager for The Lowry.

"While I’m lucky enough to work every day in the arts, (and love my job) it can sometimes be a lot like any other office job; lots of spreadsheets, reports to write and meetings to sit through. Getting involved in things like Honour reminds me why participation in music and the arts is such life-enhancing stuff. In short, it helps remind me why I do my day job.

I got involved with the original Honour kind of by default: the QuaysCulture project team are based in my office and I was already in another local choir, so it was basically inevitable that I’d end up in this! It was a brilliant experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life, and when a small group of us from that project decided to give the choir a life beyond this one-off event, I was more than willing to help.

That mainly involves helping the rest of our brilliant committee by doing a lot of little odd jobs, though I am rather proud of having carved out a niche as Tea Maker in Chief at our rehearsals.(Tea and baked goods being essential to any choir's success, as everyone knows...)

Above all though, Honour is about so much more than just a choir. For me, it’s about community: bringing people together to commemorate a period in history which we should never forget, and remembering that we all have a responsibility to try just that little bit harder to live peacefully with each other, despite our differences."


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