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"Honour brings together people from all walks of life; differences are not noticed"

By megan, Nov 1 2017 10:34PM

Time for another one of our meet the committe moments: this time, Helen, Beer andMusic Monitor!

Helen Griffiths

Beer and Music monitor (and Upcoming European Tour Organiser!)

Day job:Teacher

I have always loved singing from an early age.

When I was younger, I was involved in school choirs and, as an adult, a community choir. I then started training to be a teacher and decided to buy a house in my first year on the job. Needless to say, trying to squeeze singing into that schedule didn’t quite work! Four years ago, however, my job had settled down, my house was bought and I wanted to get back into singing. I was dragged along to my first Honour Choir rehearsal (4 whole hours of it!) by my head and deputy teacher. I loved every minute of it! Since then, I’ve also joined Ordsall Acappella Singers, moved to the Tenor section and started to run a children’s choir at my school (award winning choir I might add!).

I was somehow recruited to the Honour Choir committee after I proved an expert at sorting music into piles and making sure beer was found at the end of the rehearsal. Purely for medicinal reasons of course...Honour Choir has been a wonderful experience. They say singing heals all manner of sins, and all singing does have a purpose. But when you’re singing to honour the fallen, to commemorate the lost, to remember the sacrifice people made - that’s when singing really takes on a new life. Honour brings together people from all walks of life; differences are not noticed - we are there because we share a love of singing and the sense of community among the group is clear to anyone.

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