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Meet the choir #3

By megan, Oct 24 2017 08:50PM

Today we talk to choir member Shelagh about her own family history and why she's part of Honour choir...

"I joined Honour Choir for two reasons: first, because I love singing, and second, to remember all those affected by the Great War, and specifically my grandfather, Hiram Falkland Gall, who died on 18th November 1916, the last day of the Battle of the Somme. His death had a profound effect on my granny, who lived another 50 years without remarrying, and my dad, who was only two years old and grew up an only child with no memories of his father.

It was a wonderful experience to take part in the performance in August 2014 which commemorated the outbreak of war, and to be able to continue the remembrance of significant battle anniversaries since then.

Last November, on the centenary of his death, I visited my grandfather's grave and attended the event commemorating the end of the battle of the Somme at Thiepval, and am very much looking forward to visiting Ypres with the choir next year."

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