Next performance: Sunday 22nd April, 8pm

Spring Concert at The Lowry. Tickets are available here


Future performances


Sunday 15th July

Clitheroe Choirs Festival of Peace


Some of our previous performances:


Whitworth Art Gallery

To launch the choir, we began with a workshop and sing at the Whitworth Art Gallery. We invited our previous members and members of the public to participate in a workshop and performance in 'The War Room' a provocative work by  Cornelia Parker. For more details click here.

Mini Burble

In July, we returned to the Quays and sang for the launch of Mini Burble. An interactive work of art consisting of several hundred helium filled balloons with LED lights controlled from the ground. We sang an uplifting repertiore for the audience that night and it was a great pleasure to once again sing for Quays Culture. For more details click here.

The Holden Gallery

Honour Choir performed as an act of remembrance on Sunday 8th November at The Lost Boys exhibition. For more details click here. 

Reflections of Honour

Performed in The Lowry Plaza as part of the Cathedral of Mirrors artwork on December 19th. Click here for further information

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Honour Choir performed for the Salford Council World War 1 networking event on the 14th November. For further information click here. 

In Remembrance

Honour Choir performed on 7th November to raise money for the Royal British Legion. We raised over £500 for The Poppy Appeal. For further information click here.

In Remembrance 2016

Honour Choir performed on 12th November to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Performing music and spoken word to tell the tale of war from varied perspectives and reflect on those lost. For further information, click here.

Salford Remembers The Somme

Honour Choir performed at The University of Salford as part of the commemorations of The Battle of The Somme. These events culminated ina live performance of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, broadcast on BBC Radio 3. For further information, click here.