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Honour Choir is not like your traditional choir. We don't meet every week, but this does mean that you will need to be able to practice on your own with our specially created practice tracks.  

We usually have between 3 and 5 rehearsals for a specific concert, including one on the day of the performance itself. Full details will be available to you when you sign up. 


We don't require anyone to complete an audition. Most of the choir can't read music, but you will need to be able to follow along and we will assist in learning some of the more advanced techniques that you might need along the way.


The music is not complex and you will not be asked to sing on your own, however, be prepared to put in some hard work on your own before coming to rehearsals.


This may seem a little doom and gloom, its not that bad, we promise!



You will be charged a one off fee to become a member of Honour Choir. This is to pay for all the materials that we provide, such as backing tracks, music copies and anything else that you may need. 

You will then be charged a performance fee to take part in each event. This performance fee includes all rehearsals, venue costs and the costs of our musicians and Musical Director.

While this may vary between events, we will try to keep this to a minimum. 

If you are unable to attend an event, then you do not need to pay the performance fee. 

This also means that there is no annual subscription. All fees must be paid into our bank account, we are unable to accept cash.

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